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    Can't create profile.

    I've recently gotten UT3 for PC and installed it onto my pc and went to create a profile to play. I filled in all the fields - acc name / pw / e-mail - and then click "create profile" button, it will say "Creating Profile..." but instead of creating it, it says...

    The online service is currently unavailable. Please wait and try reconnecting again."

    It gives a ok button to click and it takes you back to the login screen. I don't know what's wrong, but any help or ideas on what may be wrong will help, thanks.

    I also had this problem. It was caused on my computer because I had my machine set to a static IP for FTP usage. I'm sure that there can be other issues with the connection failing, such as firewalls both software and hardware and ports not being forwarded correctly. But in my case the game would not even work with a direct connection to a cable modem, which is how I began to troubleshoot the problem. For those that may have this issue the setting is located in

    In Win XP
    Control panels>Network Connections>Local Area Connection>Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), click "properties">Obtain IP address automatically (for both IP and DNS)

    It solved my issues, but I can't run a FTP anymore. Good Luck to you and Good Luck to Epic to fix this major issue with an online game.