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Why don't I see anyone playing?

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    But in that list of servers, does it list a "$hit load" of people playing.


      Originally posted by FeedBackTest View Post
      I'd say the inverse. There is less people than what the browser report since it shows all the lame servers with bots.
      Thats what makes it messed up.
      I know the bot count may be included at times but I've seen servers for
      VCTF listing say 1/16 and when i jump on its like 10/16 with other people
      and bots.

      Go figure.


        OK this is getting kinda ridiculous. I logged in yesterday, and the first couple of times I refreshed the server browser in both CTF and VCTF, I could not find anyone playing. Not one human being listed in the player counts in the server browser. I sorted by player count and scrolled all the way through and it was 0 all the way down. I joined a few servers and only bots, or nothing was in there. I kept refreshing and then all of a sudden I got a few servers with some people playing (not many however). I joined and those people had not just started playing. Some players had some real high scores and the time limit was running out. High enough scores that they could not have acquired them in less than 1 min. This is getting really annoying. I miss the server browser in the first unreal tournament and ut 2004. Other than that I love the game.