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No sound for the story videos in Campaign mode

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    No sound for the story videos in Campaign mode

    I went to play Campaign mode thinking it would be awesome and it is but just one slight thing; there is no audio for the cinematic vids. OK I can read the subtitles but I want to hear all the voices and sound effects that are going on. I get sound everywhere else but just the story vids in Campaign mode. For me everything is flawless. No problems what-so-ever, I just want to enjoy the vids

    On another note: Somewhere around here I may of heard of some new patch?
    Also, I am running the full retail collectors edition version.

    One more thing as well: Sorry if this is a double post but for the last 5 pages of the forums I did not see anything that matched my problem and I cannot be bothered to look at 83 pages worth of technical issues and I did do a search for the forums but maybe I searched the wrong way. Oh well. Hope someone can help me out.


    There is a thread on this.

    do you have xfire running?

    I closed xfire and the sound was ok.