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Fix for Error1335

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    Fix for Error1335

    I had tried everything to get around this installation problem, (Error1335 Cabinet file Data#.CAB corrupt), but finally this was the only thing that worked...

    Copy the files from the DVD to a folder on the harddrive and run setup from that folder.
    When the error message pops up, copy the appropriate CAB file from the DVD to the folder again and click retry.
    Repeat for each error.

    Took a while, but i got there in the end.

    Now I just need a fix for the "invalid cd-key" error....

    Why did Epic make such a great game so badly? So frustrating after waiting for this game for ages.

    To me that sounds like a doggy dvd-rom.
    Try updating the firmware on it.

    Also for the invalid cd-key you need to pm WarTourist so he can check it.