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Online pausing/lag/server disconnect

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    Online pausing/lag/server disconnect

    This problem only happens when I play online (Internet).

    Every 45-60 seconds it seems like I'm disconnected from the server for 2 or 3 seconds, and then reconnected. During these 2 to 3 seconds, I am able to move around and shoot normally. Other players, however, continue to do what they were doing right when it happened. For example, if I was looking at a player moving to the left when this occurs, I will see him continue moving to the left in a straight line until I'm "reconnected". However, this pause/lag/disconnection is only on my end, as once I'm "reconnected" the player will assume his *correct* position. Thus it appears to me as though he has somehow "warped" into an entirely new spot.

    This happens with my own player as well. When everything goes back to normal and I'm "reconnected", it sometimes appears as though I "warp" into a new location not far from where I think I am. In other words, this causes me to shoot at players who to me are moving in a straight line, and then 2 or 3 seconds later when I "reconnect" I realize I am shooting into a wall or have inadvertently jumped off a cliff.

    This only happens in Multiplayer mode.

    I'm running Vista 32-bit. Relevant specs are Athlon FX-53, Radeon X800 XT (Driver version 8.421.0.0), Audigy 2 ZS (most current drivers).

    Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. If need be I can try to elaborate more on the problem though I find it difficult to describe in words.

    I forgot to mention I'm using a wireless connection. The more I think about it the more I think that's the problem...seem like a reasonable assumption? Anyone????


      Try the tweaks listed in my thread, but the thumbnail is:

      a) disable your hardware router firewall temporarily

      b) if that works, see about port forwarding or putting UT3 in the DMZ.