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A few quick questions.

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    A few quick questions.

    Hey guys, just got a few issues i would like to clear up.

    1) Can someone please tell me what i means when the server is empty like this screen:

    ps: forgive the lame arrows had to link it, image was to large

    Does it mean it's against bots, it's simply empty, or soemthing else?

    2) How can i access screeshots? Name of the folders etc.

    3) Does UT3 take anyone else like 10-20 seconds to load up when you click "launch UT3"? Sill question, just wanted to make sure it wasn't soemthing down to me.

    4) I remeber reading back about the patch was going to changed the way the UT3 main menu looked, with tabs across the top, yet mie looks exactly the same as before, just with patch 1.1 in the top left corner. Does that sound right, or should it have changed?

    Thanks alot for the time guys, appreciate it

    1) no players, bots arent counted on the player list (there might be bots)
    2) my docs/my games/ut3/screenshots
    3) it depends on your rig. it takes me about 3 seconds of splash screen before it tries doing anything, then another second freeze before im at the main menu (disabled movies, auto login lags me cause my net is messed up!)
    4) the patch didnt change the UI at all.


      ok cheers for the reply.

      Just something about 1, does that mean the host is in there by himself :/?