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    Cant play online

    I think I saw in the beginning a thread of someone who couldnt play online, but i just cant find it.
    I have the following prolbems. Before installing the patch, UT could ocnnect (login), and when i was looking for servers, it found lets say three. I refreshed the list and it only found one. After another refresh, it found four. And so on... I could live with that, i just had to wait a quqrter of an hour to finally find a server.
    Now, after installing the patch (i didnt install the betaVersion), when UT starts, it tries to login. Then, after 5 seconds or so it comes back to where you can click login. the game doesnt manage to connect tu the UT Masterserver i think, but im no expert^^. Of course, i can only choose play off line. O, and when i trie to create a new account ingame, it tells me that the service is at the moment unavailable or something. I dont remember what exactly it says.

    Dont get me wrong, to me it is the best game of the year. I played Crysis, it was ok, but UT was still better. I love both graphics and gameplay. Ive been playing al the UTs, formm UT99 to UT2003/2004. This is for me an awsome game,but im getting annoyed because i cant play it online^^
    My Specs:
    AMD Athlon 4200 X2
    Geforce 7950GT 512MB (golden Sample)
    3Gigs of ram (Corsair TwinX Pro)
    Asus A8n32 SLI Deluxe

    All my Drivers are uptodate, and i have no audiocard (ich checked the drivers before installing the game^^)

    i hope someone can help

    am i the only one having this issue^^?


      i have this issue. someone said to make sure you arent using a static ip address setting. i havent tried this for myself. but im about to. someone also said to close all instances of firefox