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Crashing at startup now

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    Crashing at startup now

    On start i would like to say sorry for my bad english.

    I have successfully ended campaign and was playing Instant action a lot to.
    One time when i wanted to play Sancturay map my game crashed i saw somthing like my monitor want to change resolution 5-6 times on black bacground after loading map screen ( I think map was loaded) And this happend again so I reinstaled UT3 and deleted old user files from My Docuemnts, worked for once now i can't even run this game coz of this crashes "changing resolution 5-6 times on black screen" next game is almost closing and windows shows me taht he closed game :/

    Sempron 2800+
    GF-7300 256, ddr3
    768 ram
    1024x768 resolution ;p
    and i played UT3 on details from 3,3 to 5,5 never with "V synchronization"

    Iff my problem was on this forum then please take my post there, sorry but I didn't find poblem same to me. I hope you understand what is writed up there ^^


    Now menu loaded but when i was trying change options this happend again.

    (I'v got 1.1 patch)