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I suck at this game, how to get good?

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    I suck at this game, how to get good?

    Any server i join, people are flying and bouncing off walls, one shot killing me i dont stand a flippin chance!!!

    How do i get good at this game?

    Im a console gamer and never really used keyboard/mouse before, so any tips? besides the obvious, pracitce

    well if youre a console gamer and never used a mouse before, are you playing on pc or ps3 with a keyboard / mouse? if youre on ps3 using those, you could always just try the controller.


      Read Tips for Every Weapon and 10 Rules to make you better @ FPS games. These two threads will help you out a lot

      And since those are more active, already informative threads, you might post additional questions in them as necessary.


        Ps3 sucks lol, im on a PC and thanks cel, ill check them out~


          Bind keys to what is comfortable for you. Bind weapons keys around your movement keys for easy access to a desired weapon (don't scroll to them or move to far from the movement keys to select what you want). They don't have to be around the movement keys, just whatever is comfortable and quick for you.

          Don't run in straight lines. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many new people run in straight, left, right, back motions. Try moving forward and left, or forward and right at the same time.

          Then practice dodging. You pretty much have to get that down to stand a chance.

          Also, don't run straight into battle. Try to evade. Fight while backing up. Most new people feel like they have to fight coming forward.

          Know the maps. Most of the good people know where the power ups are. They pick up the shield belt, damage amp, boots, etc... whenever they can. If you don't know the map, you'll find yourself with your back against the wall most of the time. So, just keep playing maps you are familiar with until you know them inside and out (old school ut players will know Deck and Face inside and out)!

          And, mix things up. Don't be predictable.

          Finally, make sure you tweak your system to perform at its best. Best FPS, best ping. Choose servers that are closer to you to keep your ping down (don't play on euro servers if you are playing in America). There are a ton of tweak guides (especially in this forum).

          Good luck... and keep playing, you'll catch on!


            Yeah it took me a solid week of playing a few hours every night.

            You'll start to pick up on how/when to use weapons to make them effective. All it takes it time and you'll be up the ladder in no time.