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UT3 Crash with patch 1.1

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    UT3 Crash with patch 1.1


    I installed Patch 1.1 today. I hoped to can play ut3 now with open AL.
    But the Game still crash with open AL. Why is it so hard to fix that?
    Does anyone know a solution?

    An answer from an admin looks great. I love UT and i played all UT´s. But now i am a little bit angry.

    I also installed the Newest Version of Open AL and all other new Drivers. Nothing helped. I dont want to play with Stereo. We are in 2007!

    My PC:
    Core2 Quad QX6700
    Geforce 8800 GTX
    4 GB DDR2-800
    Sound Blaster Xfi Prof. Series 64 MB
    Agaia PhysiX Card
    Win XP X64

    I installed the patch and now UT3 won't start because it gets stopped by Vista's Data Execution Prevention.
    Funny thing is, i had no problems running the game on the beta 1 patch so basically the official patch has killed my game as apparently i can't turn DEP off for UT3.
    So, re-install with beta patch is an option for me, if i can be bothered.


      mines running of vista fine

      try downloading from another source might be bad download

      i downloaded from my game wouldnt even load!


        Thanks, i'll try it.
        Sounds pretty much what happens to me, click the UT3.exe and instantly it's "UT3.exe has encountered.etc.etc".
        Then it points to DEP as the cause.


          Ok, i downloaded the patch from a different site and still the same thing.
          Soooo, i guess it's either a fresh install and use the beta1 patch until i can find a way around it or just play something else for 6 months.