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    Error: Server Offline

    I just bought the game today and I've been trying to create a user for hours now but all I get is an error notification. I have the German version so I can't tell what the error really says on English, but it's something like "Error: Connection to server failed. Please try again later."

    I have started the game in a window to see if my Kaspersky Firewall is causing the problem but it doesn't mention any connections. (Probably because I set UT3.exe to allow everything.)

    This is my first PC game since Half-Life 2 and it kinda sucks that it doesn't work. Where's the problem? Does "try later" mean like in a week or what?

    BTW, I installed Patch1.


    Okay, I found out my problem. Peer Guardian 2 was detecting spyware.

    But since I played online somehow my campaign disappeared and so did my blood, although I have purchased an 18+ version :/