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Patch 1.1 System crash!, Black screen!

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    Patch 1.1 System crash!, Black screen!


    before i update my Ut3 there whas no problems with my system,
    i run it fine on world detail and texture detail on 3
    put hardware physics out. and vsync also out.
    and it runs smootly.


    I update My ut3 today and start the game and it load succesfully, do nothing with my settings or changed them just go to instand action to play a deathmatch session, whne it load the level and i see that press start screen, my system hangs and i see a black screen! i can do nothing, my system hangs. i restart my system, and do it again but now it dont load the level anymore when i see the load red screen with the laoding bar after that i see dirrectely a black screen and my system hangs again.
    what i have tryed to do is to delete my Utengine.ini and my utgame.ini but dont resolved...>!!

    My system spec are:

    Intel prescot 650 3.4 ghz
    1 gb ddr2 667 mhz memory
    7800gtx 256mb nvidia drivers 163
    2x raptors 74gb and 1x 250 gb western digital
    windows xp
    soundcard X-fi

    can somebody help me with this problem, or post also if you have the same problem mabey there are more people with the same problem..?



    looks like its a software issue mate, best thing to do is begin from scratch or try and reinstall UT and patch it again.

    -reinstall windows
    -update windows
    -install drivers
    -update drivers
    -install UT3

    I know this is not really an answer you are looking for but this is most likely the only way to fix the issue. Otherwise i suggest you contact support, not a lot can be done about software issues like this


      oke what i have don,

      i unstal my nvidia driver, download the latest geforce 7 driver 163.75
      update my X-fi extrememusic driver

      unstall ut3, reinstall ut3 and install the patch1

      load the game, dont change any setting just goes directely to deatmatch but the same problem, system hangs on a black screen.

      the ut3 demo works, and when i dont install the patch ut3 works also fine??

      so the unstall and reinstall driver and ut3 with patch dont resolve the problem!!!....

      What now..?

      Epic can you help my with this post?!!!




        .... nice support..


          Hi hate, check this thread: and if your issue isn't there, (it doesn't seem that it is) PM WarTourist with your information. Thank you.


            i have found the problem...

            bInitializeShadersOnDemand: True...

            and it whas False... i that this problem whas resolved in the patch..

            but thx anyway!!

            ut3 runs fine now