I noticed some strange behaviour of my HIS HD3850 Card. The fps in UT3 are okay (40-60 @ 1024x768), but it doesn't feel smooth. While searching the "mistake" i saw that the temperature of the GPU after playing is only @ 58 degrees (celsius). That's strange, because normally its above 70° (C) (e.g. after playing COD4 or World in Conflict).
It seems that my gfx card is not fully used. I also noticed that the GPU clock is switching while i'm playing. (it switches between 2d and 3d clock, 300 and 668 mhz). Is this a problem of my ATI Drivers (Catalyst 7.11) or of UT3 ? As i said, other games run normally and good.

My System:
X2 5200+,
3gb Ram
HIS HD 3850 (256mb)
WinXP Pro 64bit