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This is going to sound silly

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    This is going to sound silly

    Hey everyone, well after almost a month of no ut3 due to crashes, and after paying a expert to tweak my systems, nothing worked, i even upgraded my computer, sli 8800 gts, and powerfull ram, nothing, well I go to this lan party, just for kicks, try it out, and it works, im like, no way, awesome, but then comes finding out why its working now, But in the mean time, whatever, it works, and im at a lan party. Well i get home, and hook my computer back up and it wont run, Im really mad, was playing it all night, so i get to thinking its my xfi card, Well i disable it, nothing. Then i accidently unplug a hub i have that has a thinkgeek usb snowbot and plasma ball on it, i try again, not realizing what i unplugged, it works, after inspection, i see thats the only thing unplugged, i plug it back in, i get the errors/crashes.

    I dont know how to explain this, but it works now, i even bought a new hub, and it worked when i had it plugged in, (the hub i had was 4 years old)

    Good luck to you, and check your odd gadgets on your computer, it just may be the solution your looking for.

    power consumption maybe? psu not able to power cards whilst usb hub is in?

    thats all i can think off regarding your symptons/fix