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    Game won't install...

    Is there any special reason why UT3 won't install on Windows Server 2008?
    For gaming purposes it is basically the same as Vista.

    I get error that:
    Unreal Tournament 3 requires that your comuter is running Windows Vista or
    Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.

    Won't even install? Sorry, no idea, but hopefully this bump gives this thread more views and possibly an answer.


      Downloaded demo and the same problem occured.


        I to am running server 2008 x64 and cannot get it to run. I just hope they arent thinking that "version 6.0=vista" for when SP1 comes out, the kernal will be updated to NT6.1... That might meen noone can install it with Vista SP1 installed

        Just wondering if anyone has tryed installing on any of the win x64 OSs?

        With the beta demo, I found that you can install it on 32bit XP, then reboot into 64bit server 2008 and it will run, so its would appear that the installer that is the limiting factor.


          I found a simi-fix (gets UT3 in a place where you can run it) I have played 2 VCTF maps offline w/o probs so far.

          You can extrace the cab files with the build in msiexec program.

          1) put the DVD in the drive
          2) create a folder on the HD to extract files to
          3) open the command prompt
          4) change the directoty tot he root of the DVD the disk is in
          5) type in :
          msiexec /a "Unreal Tournament 3.msi" /qb TARGETDIR="d:\UT3"
          Where "d:\UT3" is the folder you created to copy to
          6) With my example command, the UT3.exe is located in D:\UT3\program files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\

          When you first run the .exe, it will ask for the key. I have only ran it once so far, so I dont know if any settings will be saved or not. The patch will ask where to install to, but it seemed to go to quick, so I dont think it worked (at least to where I pointed it to; D:\UT3\program files\Unreal Tournament 3). Ill futz around with it more tomorrow.