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Fixed my random crash to desktop

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    Thanks CreepyD for the info.

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    Fixed my random crash to desktop

    I just thought I would post this as there must be others in the same boat.
    I had my CPU overclocked about 10%, and then reduced it to 5%. It was crashing between 1 and 30 minutes (totally random).
    It was the CTD with 3 send, don't send boxes, nothing major.
    In tests, the PC was perfectly stable, except in UT3 that is.

    I'm back to standard clock speed and the crashes are totally gone.

    I know UT has always been unstable on overclocked systems, but imo if you have a stable system, it should work whether overclocked or not.

    So there it is, give it a try, I think most people I know overclock their cpu's these days as it's very easy to do.