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Low End Ati Owners w/lockup issues etc. *FIX* !!COME IN!!

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    Low End Ati Owners w/lockup issues etc. *FIX* !!COME IN!!

    Now, I've been battling this issue since the game came out, I know that hasn't been a very long time, but when this issue is hunting you, like it was me, it becomes frustrating

    I'm not gonna say this will fix it for all the Ati owners but I'm sure for the laptop owners like myself. You will have to first upgrade your video drivers ... I know, you got the latest ones from the manufacture right? wrong ... (This only applies to laptop owners)
    Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
    ... UT3 needs at least 7.9 or higher, 7.11 being the one we've gotten the best results with ...
    You will need to modify your Ati driver to the latest ones from ATi by following the instructions HERE ... Don't worry! I've done this myself and many others have aswell, very easy even if your not to computer savvy! Please repost here if you have any problems I will try my best to help you.

    After you have successfully done that, follow the tweaks in "SECTION I - High Performance Changes, and Troubleshooting" mentioned in Ultron's post HERE

    I have done all of this and so far so good, no lockups ... even after an intense 5 hour fragfest right before writing this! Please try and keep all low end Ati issues to this thread as I've seen to many already ... STICKY!!!?

    My specs are:
    AMD Mobile x64 4000+
    100GB 4200rpm HD (longitudinal recording)
    ATi Mobile x600
    Windows XP Pro 32bit

    Pretty bad huh?! I just wanted to make a point that this game is playable with specs like that and my rank (utDigi - 15) proves it