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Hitches in Campaign Audio

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    Hitches in Campaign Audio

    Anyone else having issues with the voice over choking while a mission loads? It always seems to hiccup about 20 to 30 seconds into the spiel.

    And why do I have to wait for it to reload the mission on the extremely rare occasion that I lose ;-) ...why can't it just reset instead of making me wait again, and listen to the spiel, with the hiccup!

    And why after completing the mission can't I replay any chapter / mission? The only option is to replay from the beginning. That SUCKS! The UT2K4 "ladder" of games was much better, and I want it back!

    Yup in between campaign missions my audio chokes like you say. As for everything else you say I agree!

    System is a quad core q6600 intel 2.4ghz
    asus sli main board p5n32-e sli
    2 gig corsair ram
    2 - geforce 8800 gtx ultras sli ed together nvidia driver 169.04
    windows vista ultimate
    creative sound blaster x-fi xtreme audio
    AVG free antivirus turned off


      Disable OpenAL for one thing, and Creative cards seem to have issues in general, and in particular with UT3 right now. I've seen someone from Creative post here just today, so it appears Creative is on the case, not just Epic. Until then disable OpenAL. And failing that, try other tweaks in the thread that is linked in my sig. Do a search for "openal" and you'll see the advice there I collected from others.