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Laptop Geforce Go 7600 works on Demo but not Full Version?

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    Laptop Geforce Go 7600 works on Demo but not Full Version?

    Hello, sorry if this is a double post but i used search and couldn't find anything related to my problem, so:

    I have 2ghz centrino duo, 2ghz ram and a 256mb dedicated gfx card geforce go 7600 (Just 7600, not GT, or GS or whatever)

    Anyways the UT3 demo worked fine on my laptop, but the full version installs ok but going into the game, I just get a black screen for ages and then blue screen of death with nv4.sys error.

    I know Nvidia have stopped releasing update drivers for the Geforce Go 7600 and my laptop maker hasn't updated the drivers past Version A.

    I've done google searches for new update drivers and have installed tweaked drivers such as omega, but still does not work.

    If anyone has the same gfx card or similar problem with a solution, I would be most appreciative.


    Hi Johnnyuk. It sounds like you need to update your drivers, but if your hardware manufacturer hasn't kept pace with NVIDIA, that might not be an option.

    NVIDIA drivers 163.75 are proven to work with the game.


      If it's a Go chipset then most likely the drivers from Nvidia will work, which is unusual as many notebook video chipsets are not compatable with the drivers that Nvidia and ATI produce.