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ANOTHER bug... that I don't expect Epic will get around to fixing...

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    ANOTHER bug... that I don't expect Epic will get around to fixing...

    I know Epic's guys are too bothered to help the PC Gamer fanbase that built their company and would rather devote all of their time to building console gamers flawless versions of the game... yeah it really gets me when I see so many posts of people that can't even run the game...

    Anyway, that was wayyyy off topic before I even started, but here:

    minor bug that is really annoying the hell out of me:

    Every couple of matches, in ANY gamemode, my custom character just goes *POOF* and gets replaced with the default one. Not only that but all chat and taunts stop working entirely. I can play just fine, but that's it. No chat, no taunts, and no custom character.

    TO BOOT: I can ONLY get rid of this by completely shutting down and restarting the computer. Leaving the game and coming back does nothing.

    Just cuz it may be of some signifigance, I am using the Necris hidden character unlock code from gamestop. Is that thing broken maybe? If so, can you guys add it to the phenominally long list of **** you ought to be fixed, after the much needed fixes so that your paid customers can enjoy the game as more than a $60 coaster in a fancy UT box?

    Sorry for the rant, but the sheer amount of **** that was completely obviously left unchecked and untested is completely unheard of. I've seen MMO's more stable in their first 2 weeks than this, and it's a friggin 1st-person shooter....

    *cracks whip*

    Hi ShadeMistress. The maximum number of custom character is capped at 12 by default, so depending on how you were playing (online, joined after others, switch teams) it could hitting that limit.

    You can manually adjust this though if your system has loads of memory. It's in UTGame.ini under [UTGame.UTGame] and the MaxCustomChars key.

    Hope that helps.


      This does not help me. Sorry but,last night was playing death match with 8 players and my custom bot was changed.


        Hi Lonegun. Did you switch teams?

        Because the team colors are actual textures, the game would need to pause and load those when you switched, which would be obviously be a problem.

        When switching teams the character code tries to find a similar character on the new team, but if it can't it falls back to 'barktooth'.