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FIX: For flickering/black buildings/bad shadows

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    FIX: For flickering/black buildings/bad shadows

    how i fixed my flickering after 20 minutes works perfectly now for 12+ hours!

    my pc spec fyi
    Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Edition QX9650 3.00GHz
    2x2gb ram
    7600GT (yes waiting on 9800 )
    vista 64bit

    ps im running the beta patch (runs lot better imo)
    my settings 800x600 3 settings on both bars

    i got flickering after 20 minutes and building disappearing etc.

    what i did to fix this
    1. Uninstalled newest Nvidia Driver.
    2. cleared up nvdia **** in windows folder
    3. install in totatly new folder
    4. tried game still happened.
    5. Played with my settings changed to 1280x768 all to 5 bar setting
    6. Works Perfectly but
    3. reinstall newest driver in a totalty new folder