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AA for XP with pics and a question or two.

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    AA for XP with pics and a question or two.

    Before I start I just wanted to apologize for making yet another thread concerning the enabling of AA for XP systems. I know that it is a dead horse that has been kicked for waaay too long. However I feel that this issue concerns many who,like me, are unwilling to convert to vista.

    Now when I first loaded up UT3 I was dismayed that AA was not available from the options menu so I attempted to "force" it on by way of nVidia control panel to no effect. Confused and anxious to have my games not look so rough I took a trip to the forum to see if anyone else was having the same problem. After a few questions in a few of the many threads concerning the issue I discovered that apparently it is "impossible" to have AA on XP systems unless you did some weird renaming and fidgeting with nVidia profiles and UT3.exe. The "Bioshock" workaround in other words. Not wanting to risk screwing something up I opted to avoid attempting the workaround and instead decided to see if a new beta driver for my card could remedy my woes.

    So I uninstalled my old drivers and then installed the 169.09 beta driver for my 8800GTX. I then added UT3.exe to my nVidia profile and started tweaking the AA options at various levels while switching back into the game to see what the results, if any, would be. Here are a few screenies of my findings. Particularily look at the support cables on the bridge.

    Without AA

    With AA at 4x

    Now I should inform you that my resolution for my monitor is only at 1280x1024. I feel this accounts for the few jaggies that are still present in the AA enabled shots. I realize that it's a little hard to see the differences in these screens due to the size but I assure you that there is a definite smoothing of edges in the AA shots, I can post larger versions of the pics if need be. Also if I went to the character creation screens the differences were even more noticeable but for some reason I am unable to take screenshots while in the char. creation mode. I may go back using FRAPS and see if that works and maybe post a few screens to further give evidence that AA can be enabled to noticeable effect with XP systems.

    I would also like to say that if someone has already proven this and I am just bringing up old news then I sincerely apologize. However I have checked many of the threads and in all of them I have read that AA in UT3 is not possible with XP unless a workaround is used. The only thing I did was use the beta driver 169.09. I know many people have been saying that they have AA in use with XP but I have never seen anyone use screenshots to prove it so I decided I would give it a shot. If anyone has any questions or flames I will be on the forums off and on througout the day.

    Now onto my question. I have fiddled with the brighness and the postprocessing in the options menu and no matter what I do I am nearly blinded by the brighter areas and reflections and feel like I'm in total darkness in the more heavily shadowed areas. This contrast is rather annoying to me even with the muted postproc option. Has anyone else noticed this? If anyone could help me tweak the options to make the differences between superbright and superdark effects less eye-aching please let me know.

    ~FalseEmperor aka False