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full pc crash on demo - please help?

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    full pc crash on demo - please help?

    I still haven't played the demo yet:

    Installed the demo ( and when i click on the icon the screen goes blank and after a few minutes the PC restarts, my spec:

    Media Center XP
    Core 2 duo 6600 2.4
    Geforce 7600GT SLI

    Please help? I need this game.

    it restarts due to the hardware-driver/os link, if u use an SLI mode, are sure u've provided asufficient power supply? Any "not recommended" tweaks on your m-board? It's not the app that cause the restart. Check also, whether you have set the temperature protection, u could have an over- temperature situation!


      thanks soooo much for the reply,

      should i turn SLI off then?

      my mobos standard

      where / how do i check to see if temperature thingy?

      thankyou sooo much!!!


        Ive got the same problem but it ONLY happens when I go to join an online game and the map is loading it will hang and the PC will reset.

        Win XP (totaly up to date)
        Core 2 duo 6600 2.4
        2 x 7950 GT's (running in SLI mode)

        It ISNT overheating for definate ive got water cooling and 6 fans in my case. And ive got a 800 watt power supply.

        The demo ran fine and never even crashed for me let alone reset my computer. I downloaded the latest drivers when the demo came out. Has another set been released that may cure this ?


          The "loading" moment is a proof of instability, if u have bench running bg. u'll notice the overall loading is at maximum !
          It's simple, the game itself could not restart your PC, the game is running whereby the OS! The OS handles the hardware interactions, consequently, the DMA, IRQ, etc. If the metal in your box is thought to be fine, your Windows- DirectX platform may not be and has a conflict at some level..
          And the concept "latest drivers" it's proofless..

          Try it from scratch (file system includes)..


            Originally posted by kaeolian View Post
            I downloaded the latest drivers when the demo came out. Has another set been released that may cure this ?
            Not everyone is finding the latest Nvidia beta drivers to be stable. Be certain to try the official Nvidia stable driver for your card if you have not done so already.


              I cant find a solution

              I still cannot find a solution,

              It didn't work with old drivers, it doesn't work with latest drivers neither.

              It doesn't work whether SLI is on or off.

              All suggestions really welcome and please any official answer would be great?

              kind regards, Anthony


                Originally posted by fisk View Post

                Try it from scratch (file system includes)..
                Not going to happen, every other game I have runs fine bio shock, COD4 etc... if needs be ill just not play UT untill a new patch comes out to sort this issue. But im pretty much certain its not an issue with my current setup. Just issues that epic need to work out.




                  my current setup also works with cod4, pes2008, bioshock etc.



                    Hi Abrewitt. Does disabling SLI make any difference?

                    If not, please let me know about your system, including OS and driver versions.



                      thanks for reply War Tourist

                      SLI on or off makes no difference at all.

                      my specs:

                      Media Center XP - (up to date / SP2 )
                      Intel Core 2 duo 6600 2.4
                      2 x Geforce 7600GT SLI - latest drivers - ( (date : 04 / 10 / 2007)

                      I hope this helps and really appreciate your time.

                      p.s does anybody know what AGEIS physX engine is? and will this affect the demo?


                        Please help pc crashes

                        Please help, I have the same problems with the full version.

                        The pc demo crashed my PC and now the full version crashed my PC,

                        theres no error messages - the pc just restarts when I try to play UT3.