So here i am staring at my screen, and thoughts run through my mind.
It's only a week since i had ut 3 bought it at a local computer store, but in reality it feels like i had the game for over 3 months.

The RC7 thing next to ut 3 should have given something away but i know who made the game and so far they never disapointed me. So i hapily put in the dvd and everything went fine,started up my game and it wasnt long before I start noticing "strange things.."

I didnt really mind getting stuck in elevators before or just in random places but it wasnt long before i start noticing even more weirder things.. Disconnects, crashes to desktop, and crashes that could have been created by T1000 in an apocolyptic era.. Crashes where your system just comes to a grinding halt and doesnt recover from anymore.. unless u give it a cold reset..

Ah the Beta patch was there not meant for the public, but it seemed to be my only hope for a normal working game. Happily i installed it to find myself not be able to login anymore at all.. ?! Offline things seemed to have been improved a lot tho.. so yea.. that made me even more sad.. But another hope was there beta patch 2.. sadly the patch gave me the same error. So now im left with the beta game that came on the original dvd.

So today after 11 reinstalls where off 10 where of beta patches i can only blame myself there, i thought i finally had things working. I made a server get some people on it and actually had a lot of fun.

Untill... somebody hit me with a rocket in deck, at the teleport area and my system came to a grinding halt again. Alright i thought no panic just reboot ur computer everything will be ok... But that wasn't the case really. Now when i start the game I immediately get a ut 3 has cause an invalid error bla bla message, and no matter what i try i keep getting the error. I tried reinstalling 5 times tried too install beta patches removed the my games unreal dir entirely the error just keeps comming back.. Now included with the ut 3 beta demo... ah well. Only thing left is reinstalling windows all over if I ever wanna play ut 3 again..

I fire up my browser and hook up to the ut 3 site..

Prepare for battle !!

Yes indeed.. a battle it is...

Oh flame away if u want ,at least i got rid of my frustration. Maybe some people can relate to my story and find some comfort in the fact that they're not he only ones.