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Hope and error.

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    Hope and error.

    So here i am staring at my screen, and thoughts run through my mind.
    It's only a week since i had ut 3 bought it at a local computer store, but in reality it feels like i had the game for over 3 months.

    The RC7 thing next to ut 3 should have given something away but i know who made the game and so far they never disapointed me. So i hapily put in the dvd and everything went fine,started up my game and it wasnt long before I start noticing "strange things.."

    I didnt really mind getting stuck in elevators before or just in random places but it wasnt long before i start noticing even more weirder things.. Disconnects, crashes to desktop, and crashes that could have been created by T1000 in an apocolyptic era.. Crashes where your system just comes to a grinding halt and doesnt recover from anymore.. unless u give it a cold reset..

    Ah the Beta patch was there not meant for the public, but it seemed to be my only hope for a normal working game. Happily i installed it to find myself not be able to login anymore at all.. ?! Offline things seemed to have been improved a lot tho.. so yea.. that made me even more sad.. But another hope was there beta patch 2.. sadly the patch gave me the same error. So now im left with the beta game that came on the original dvd.

    So today after 11 reinstalls where off 10 where of beta patches i can only blame myself there, i thought i finally had things working. I made a server get some people on it and actually had a lot of fun.

    Untill... somebody hit me with a rocket in deck, at the teleport area and my system came to a grinding halt again. Alright i thought no panic just reboot ur computer everything will be ok... But that wasn't the case really. Now when i start the game I immediately get a ut 3 has cause an invalid error bla bla message, and no matter what i try i keep getting the error. I tried reinstalling 5 times tried too install beta patches removed the my games unreal dir entirely the error just keeps comming back.. Now included with the ut 3 beta demo... ah well. Only thing left is reinstalling windows all over if I ever wanna play ut 3 again..

    I fire up my browser and hook up to the ut 3 site..

    Prepare for battle !!

    Yes indeed.. a battle it is...

    Oh flame away if u want ,at least i got rid of my frustration. Maybe some people can relate to my story and find some comfort in the fact that they're not he only ones.

    Hmmm... I won't flame if you tell me where you got that beta 2 patch


      If you've crashed that often you might have damaged some system files in the process (not sure if that applies if you're using NTFS) in which case it might be worth a try running system file checker:

      Go to Start, then to Run, and type in "SFC.EXE /SCANNOW" (without the quotes - and with a space between the SFC.EXE and the /SCANNOW). The press Enter.

      The program may (or it may not) ask you for your Windows XP installation CD - please insert it at the prompt. If it doesn't ask you for the CD this means that it wasn't necessary to replace any files.

      In the event the the system asks you for the CD, you must visit Windows Update immediately after the scan is completed (Please note that there won't be any confirmation dialog - the program will just exit without telling you anything).


        you know all of this complaining doesn't do much if you don't post your system specs.

        who knows, someone might be able to help you...


          I'm in the same boat, i installed ut3, started playing, i went to leave to change controls, crashed out, reset itself, went on again, i died, it crashed, locked up.

          Downloaded and installed the latest gfx drivers, now it wont even start UT it takes ages on the start up splash screen then get a program not responding box : <<<<<


            AMD 64 3700+
            1gb XMS
            7600 GT XT 256mb
            Windows XP


              I'm going out on a ledge and gonna say that Epic is shutting us down for having the beta patch in place, cuz i was online playing as usual with no crashing...then boom! reboot and can't get UT3.exe to work now =\ total gayness



                to Cameo : No u can flame me if u want i don't care

                to Songwriter : yea my hdd are ntfs and i did try that but it didnt work.

                to -VT- : alright c2d 6600 P5b asus mother board 2 gig ram 320 gig samsung hdd ATI 1950 pro 512 mb gpu (i know this card seems to cause a lot of problems at least its been a hot topic on the board and i did read up for all the fixes including the ati tray tweak thingy etc.) It doesnt matter what i do tho the game keeps crashing as far as i know. My last resort was a clean install of windows and start from scratch and see or it works fine then or not. I hope so cause frankly im out of ideas, or i have to put up with it untill a real patch arives, that actually fix things.

                ehm ok peace out.

                And no i dont hate ut just had to vent a lill steam and here seems the best way to do it.


                  My HDD just happened to disconnect when I was running UT3, which BSOD'd me. I rebooted and everything was OK - or not. My windows took like 5 minutes to boot and icons on the desktop appeared very slowly. The mouse cursor also disappeared randomly.

                  I restored back to the day after I installed UT3, and it's been fine. Thank God.


                    You guys are having some pretty crazy issues with UT3. I'm glad I haven't had any problems. Yet.


                      the crashes happen to me. mainly graphics issue for me. i turned the textures down and hey presto no more crashes. but as stated, post system specs and check in the troubleshooting forum instead of general discussion. they will have more info and help there for ya mate.

                      good luck in finding it and frag ya later


                        When your game crashes that much it is 9x out of 10:

                        1. hardware related
                        2. driver related
                        3. overclocking related

                        make sure you are running latest drivers stated to be compatible with UE3 games. make sure you don't have some strange hardware configuration running. don't oc your rig to the max and expect it to be stable in UT, even if it appears stable in some test.


                          Same thing happened to me only i reinstalled less.

                          Ive just decided not to play it until next year.


                            Ok small update reinstalling my whole operating system just to a bare minimum so sound card drivers and gfx drivers and network drivers and nothing else did seem to fix up a lot of things even installing the 1.2 beta patch worked now..

                            So if u feel there's no options left just plant another os on ur hdd and use it for ut 3 only..

                            I probally know what will happen next.. but i keep my fingers crossed and hope i can finally play this game how its meant to be.. even tho i have an ati videocard. If the game still seem to work good for a few days without crashing and all that stuf i will post another thing here.


                              This game is broken ;(