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whole system crashes

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    whole system crashes

    good evening

    After a few minutes of playing, my whole system is crashing and restarting. i tried alot of things, deactivating openAL includet.

    My system:

    Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2
    Intel Pentium M 2,00 Ghz
    NVidia Geforce 6800 Go ULTRA
    1024 MB RAM

    Soundcard: Terratec Aureon 7.1 Firewire
    Display-Mode: Dualscreen (i wanna play on my second screen, not on the notebook-screen. if i try to play on the notebook-screen, then it works, and this is stupid!)

    heh, the best thing is to just play on your notebook screen until epic patches this =/


      that kinda suxx d00d. Is this a well known problem and will it be fixed with the upcoming patch?


        Several well-known problems. Not sure what will be addressed in the patch, for sure. But yeah notebook video drivers are notoriously slowly updated by the manufacturer and even the best ones are lower spec than an actual video card of the same generation.


          When it shuts down, go into your bios and see what your processor temperature is at. Could be due to overheating. Just a thought.


            nope, cannot be. I can watch the temp of all of my components on the notebook-screen.
            They are never nearly critical, at least because i force all my FANs to the max.

            Edit: I just tryed with the the notebook, but it happened again. Can anyone tell me where i can get a new Graphics-driver for my card?

            Im usin a 6800 Go ULTRA with the latest DELL-Driver atm, but there is maybe a better one.



              Downloadet the patch...

              still not fixed!