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Game shuts down to windows

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    Game shuts down to windows

    Getting this error in my logs...

    Result failed
    at .\Src\D3D9Device.cpp:629
    with error D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

    RaiseException() Address = 0x7c812a5b (filename not found)
    CxxThrowException() Address = 0x78158e69 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xb22732 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xe8781b4c (filename not found)

    The demo used to work fine until I installed the full game.

    I meet the requirements, to include my minimal ATI 9600.

    Again, the demo ran fine till I installed the full game. Any ideas whats missing here. Directx is updated, ATI catalyst at 7.11.

    Seems alot are having this problem, why is there no help figuring this out ?

    I have run many UT servers since UT99 came out. I am trying to run a UT3 server now, but can not test the settings if I can not even get my POS game to work.

    Why is there no answer to this question yet ? Seems it would be the focus for repairs and help if alot are having the same issue. Not much longer and I will do what I did with all other versions of UT that came out after UT99.... throw it in the trash.


      Thats quite a hard one. It doesnt really give any info about the crash, except that the D3D renderer is mentioned.

      But since you have the latest drivers + DX9, I'd say thats weird. :s


        Yea.. very weird. Would like to get this thing rolling. If anyone comes up with the fix for this, please post it here. Lots of forums showing this issue.


          Ok.. check this out for those having this issue....

          I uninstalled the ATI Catalyst 7.11. Just totally removed it from my PC.


          Then let the wizard install the essential drivers for my card.

          I set my video to 1300 x something or nother.. and fired up my old UT. Quickly exited from the UT99 and my graphics automatically dropped to 848 x 480 (weird). I went ahead and tried to fire up my old UT99 BUT CLICKED ON THE WRONG UT ICON... I clicked on the UT3 icon by accident and guess what....... UT3 finally fired up for the first time.

          I am going to tinker around a bit with the settings and see if its just the "uninstall" of the catalyst that fixed it, or if dropping my settings down to extreme low settings actually allowed it to fire up. Weird thing about all this is, the error showed a D3D error, but doesnt give an error when settings are low as hell. D3D loads the same no matter what, and I am not sure why lowering the graphic settings on my desktop would help that. But anyways, someone else try this and post here what your results are. Hopefully you can get it fired up like I did and we can figure this out together..... beings Epic sure aint helping out much.....

          Good Luck... Im going to tinker more....



            Still the ATI Catalyst is "UNINSTALLED"....

            I set my graphics to my desktop to 1440 x 900 and the game runs fine.

            I am using a low end graphics card (ATI 9600).

            Seems the Catalyst is the problem. I have not changed any of my .ini's or anything else with the game. I have not been able to get this thing fired up since I bought it. With the catalyst removed from my system, seems the game runs fine. I only have the drivers for the card itself installed and my refresh rate is at 60 hz.

            I hope this helps some of you all out that are also having this issue. I really like ATI cards, but for some reason, that catalyst has given me alot of problems in the past as well as with this game now.


              Glad you got it solved (in the weirdest way possible...)

              Adding it to my little list of fixes.


                Interesting. Great detective work. I'm going to add that to my thread.