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    Key Binding Phrases

    Ok, I have gone through the whole tech section here and also read Ultrons tweak references and other people great suggestion and help files however I am still not getting something right.

    I have been trying to set up key binding to hit to bring up phrases during the game.

    Things like when I hit the space bar it says "Good Game" or when I hit "period" it says "Nice shot".

    Stuff like that. I have tried using the console and either it tells me I used the wrong command, or it says the command is written incorrectly, or I hit enter and the console does not display an error message but the key binds don't work.

    Can some one please lay out a noob explanation on who to keybind words to keys?

    Like Spacebar to say "XXXX"
    Period to say "XXXX"
    Comma to say "XXXX"

    Thanks. I have wasted a long time changing the ways I do this and I am missing something really simple.

    Thanks smart people.

    You are not alone:


      I bound the console command 'behindview' to F4 easy, just fired up my user config's keybinding .ini file and added it at the bottom. You could probaly do the same with '/say GG', wouldn't see why not.