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FIXED: Beta Patch 1.1 fix it even if it's not in the log.

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    FIXED: Beta Patch 1.1 fix it even if it's not in the log.

    Some of the big veterans of UT2003/2004 might know what I'm talking about since that bug is also in UT3 but in even worse. It's quite hard to understand just by reading text so I'll do my best by explaining it in steps, to reproduce it.

    1- Pick-up a few weapons in a gametype like Deathmatch.
    2- Now pull out either the Biogun or Rocket Launcher.
    3- Now get close to a weapon pick-up that you ALREADY have but don't walk on it yet.
    4- It's easier to do it with the Bio but it works with any gun that require you to hold the mouse button so that's why I also named Rocket Launcher. So now load a full shot of Bio and keep holding the right-mouse button.
    5- Still holding it... now press the button to choose the weapon that is on the pick-up in front of you. Let's say it's the shock rifle so you press #4 while still holding ur bio.
    6- Now that the weapon in front of you is already pre-selected, walk on the pick-up and it will automaticly switch to that weapon even if you were still holding down the mouse button for ur Bio.

    Not only it is very annoying, but if you come back to your Bio or the Rockets that you were loading, well you just lost those ammunitions... if you aren't already dead because you weren't expecting at all such a lame bug to happen in the middle of a match!

    Edit: Ok... I knew I wasn't crazy, I openned UT2004 and as I remember from the 3 years I've played on it, we can very easily reproduce that bug with the steps I've written. Maybe I should have said that you need to have either "WeaponStay Off" or else pick up the weapon from someone who died because you can't pick up a second time the gun with "WeaponStay On". I know thought that it happened quite a few time to me in UT3 but now I can't reproduce it at all since I've installed the Beta 1 patch so it looks like even if they didn't write it in the changelog, it have been fixed! That's a good thing.

    Err.. I just tried it, and that doesn't happen. I have the beta patch, so maybe they fixed it in that.


      Seriously I played alot of ut2004, still playing it cuz I still have one cb final to play, but I never seen this bug oO



        No one has said it yet because you seem to be one of a kind buddy

        Doesn't happen to me either.

        Perhaps check your patch version and such before you make a whole post like a cry baby and making a poll like you know for a fact its a bug.


          Hmm, maybe you just didn't understood well the last few steps of my explanation because I can easily do it in both UT2004 and UT3.

          I have the Beta Patch too since a few days. It wasn't written in the change log and I don't even know if Epic is aware of this so no suprise that it's still there in 1.0 and prolly will even after the first official patch. :/ I'll have to do some more testing.

          Originally posted by xi0s View Post
          LOL.Perhaps check your patch version and such before you make a whole post like a cry baby and making a poll like you know for a fact its a bug.
          Umm, the one who looks stupid right now is actually you. Not cause you are too ****** to reproduce it that it's just me that is having this bug. I also don't see what's the thing with "cry-baby". Go troll elsewhere seriously...


            Bug is Bad i See Others that are Worse


              You're creating the conflict because you are, in one hand telling your current weapon to hold it's ammo in check (the secondary fire goo) and in the other hand telling your character to switch to a different weapon. One of those is going to win. But the way the keypresses work is the last input takes dominance. So if you were to reverse the two, press #4 first, then load up the bio secondary, most likely you would not switch to the Shock Rifle when you picked it up. Try reversing the order in which you press the mouse secondary and the #4 key and let us know.

              Regardless of the outcome there, you still have the other issue of you trying to do two things at once, and complaining one of the things is going to take precidence over the other. Well don't do that. If I am shooting the Flak, I shouldn't be surprised that I switch to another weapon when I press the button for that other weapon, even if I am holding down the mouse key.


                i know this "bug" since the start of ut2k3, and tbh i never noticed someone using it. i don't even think it's a real bug, since it really takes some to use it within a match. but i tried to use it a few times and it is really really irritating for the guy you are fighting with, if you shoot 3 rockets out of nowhere. really funny actually