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Ingame camera click-lag

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    Ingame camera click-lag

    I have a problem with UT3:
    Ingame camera (no matter first person mode or third person when you are dead) stops moving for a 1/2 second everytime I click any mouse button.

    For example: I move ingame camera from left to right. When I click any mouse button camera stops for 1/2 second ignoring the mouse movement. After 1/2 second camera continues to move from left to right (because I continue to move the mouse).

    If I clamp(?) a button for a second or longer, camera stops only at the moment of click.

    It is important to understand that it's a camera-lag only. The game continue to run without FPS drop at the moment of camera-lag.

    Click-lag is not connected to any ingame action like shooting. I've tried to disable all actions from mouse buttons. So clicking on them does nothing except lag.

    I haven't click-lag while i'm in game menu.

    This lag appears both in multiplayer and singleplayer.

    I've tried to change mouse and mouse-drivers - no effect.
    I've tried to reinstall the game - no effect. And demo version has this lag too.

    I haven't any firewall or antivirus software. In fact there is no any not default processes on the start up of Windows.

    I use Windows XP SP2 and PS/2 mouse (i tried to use different mice - no effect).

    P.S. Sorry for my english.

    Dude, if you are using any Nvidia Chipset Videocard, the most wierd gaming problems is what you going to get.
    Get ATA Radeon or something


      What brand and model PC, CPU and video card do you have?

      Random example:

      Compaq 5400
      AMD 4000+ CPU
      Nvidia 6600GT 128MB RAM
      1GB RAM
      Windows XP


        Might be video card software/driver related - I read somewhere in these forums some cards are processing ahead of where you are actually at in an attempt to increase frame rates. Kind of pre-caching. This causes a mouse lag just as you describe because the frames you are seeing were processed before you moved your mouse.
        There is a way to disable this function.
        Not much help but might point you in the right direction for a search.