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NV4 crashes

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    NV4 crashes

    afew questions here >>>

    1. in advance video settings there is texture detail and world details sliders which they start from 1 to 5 , but there is no note about it, e.g. lower number means better quality, higher means better performance, so my question is 1 represent better quality or performance???

    2. i can play UT3 with following setting, resolution 1280 x 960 px 32 bit ofc lol
    17" monitor , UT settings : same Resolution as my desktop 1280 x 960 , screen Percentage = 100 , Texture detail = 3, and world detail = 2; i can run UT3 with no problems but when i load first scene of chapter IV on single player first UT3 crashes then it crashes NV4 driver (my current driver is 163.71) and system goes to 8 bits , and if i try END task UT3 it shuts down the vga so i get no image up on my screen but i can hear the sounds for shutting down windows, anyone knows why? can u help me on it please?

    my system : intel P4 641+ 3.20 GHz 800 MHz FBS 2 MB L2 chache
    1 GB 667 RAM memory - Nvidia 8800 GTS 320 MB
    160 GB HDD, windows xp home latest updates
    < getting a new system for xmas so i can use my other CPU: E6850 but still need to know whats wrong with the GPU driver>