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Hint for Epic, freezes in campain

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    Hint for Epic, freezes in campain

    Well i noticed something that might give Epic a push in the right direction.
    Everytime the game pauses for some seconds, both the cores of the processor are at 100%
    I run rivatuner in the background and on my keyboard lcd i can watch the loads, thats why i noticed.
    So only simple thing they have to do is make sure the load isnt going any further than say 95-99% on both cores.
    Im definatly sure this is the reason why the game hickups, the processor has to much to do, cant handle it and the game pauses.
    Hope you guys at Epic can do something with this information and hope it will be used in the new patch.

    Maybe some others are willing to run rivatuner in background and confirm this is the issue.

    Playing on Vista 64
    E6600, 8800GTX SLI, 4GB pc6400, NF680i

    Anyone can confirm i'm right?