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No difference in challanges - Please Help

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    No difference in challanges - Please Help

    The bots are close to impossible on Novice.. thats right, the lowest setting and its possible half the time. The only fix is to restart the game to make the bots easier (not even sure if this does anything). Not sure what the deal is but please fix the bots.

    In Novice, The opposing team fires before i go around corners and nails me in head, Dances around in the vehicles killing everyone. Win Warfare maps in no time.

    My team of bots always is the same, its the other teams challenge level that is messing up.


    Challenge Level - Novice
    16 Total Players
    15 Bots
    Map - Warfare maps
    all other settings are default.

    Still having trouble...


      Even in Campaign, the easiest setting is still very hard.

      Bots know exact location even before i show myself. Step around a corner and theres a shot already aimed at my head.


        All the bots do on novice for me is stand there and wait for me to shoot them...

        not very helpful but there you go ^^


          Still having the same issues.. the bots are impossible hard.. on Novice.


            on novice, when fighting bots that arnt in a vehicle they are petheticly easy, but when they get in one... they will OWN any human player. seems epic cut corners in their programming. basicly they will, stafe in any nimble vehicle as fast as possible apon seeing a target, they have INSTANT reaction times when in a vehicle (thats why they shoot you as you are coming around a corner from any distance), their acuraccy to awareness of were a player is vs distance away from target is toally screwd. so this is how it works:-

            Bot gains line of sight on a target
            0.01 seconds later they fire at their target
            100% accuracy = certan death
            if in a vehicle that has momentom on its shots that arnt instant I.E. manta they strafe and fly around impossibly quick and can even avoid AviLS.

            my guess is epic will try and fix these issues in the coming patches. they even tweaked bot skills in the beta patch, but its still not enough. but if they dont improve bot AI, so they dont do this and they dont focus on NOTHING but their objective if they are not in a vehicle then 50% of the players that buy the game will just take it back to the stores.


              The vehicle balance in the sp game seems a bit weird to me too in VCTF and warfare, but your best bet is to strart using the vehicles yourself and learn how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of all the other vehicles, eg if a darkwalker is coming towards you and shooting you'd better find cover quick and use a another vehicle to come up behind, also if you're travelling on foot or hovreboard try and stay away from the less obvious routes. Id spent quite a lot of gamehours playing on foot and not doing particualry well and then after a few minutes getting the hang of the weapons and the movement in the manta and the Dalkwalker I was getting major killing sprees, you really can't go Rambo on foot with vehicles like that around.


                'dragonjk', you couldn't be any more spot on. Since your suggestion of me staying in vehicles, it is a improvement but its funny how fast a small agile vehicle can take out a strong tank, **** bots!! :P This suggestion helps, but only to an extent.

                'Mr Songwriter', you are also helpful in your response. It makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one having these issues. I didn't think I sucked that bad

                This situation is very.. spotty. Some levels I can run over the bots no problem. Other times they have no trouble kicking my a**. But like 'dragonjk' said its usually the maps with vehicles that they absolutely dominate.

                Thanks for the great responses 'dragonjk' and 'Mr Songwriter'