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UnrealEditor crashes during mapload

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    its really important for me to continue my work, anybody has an idea how i can repair my project?

    iam looking forward to an reply.

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  • started a topic UnrealEditor crashes during mapload

    UnrealEditor crashes during mapload


    i am curently working on an complex UT3 map, while my map is going to be finished i cant load my map again

    what is happened?

    1. i have tried to "publish the loaded map" by clicking the button

    2. the console was opened and anything is happened

    3. an error messages is displayed "ut3.exe has encountered an error"

    4. hmm. ok "publishing the loadet map" doesnt work....

    5. i have tried to open my project again and wanted to continue my work

    6. and the standard windows error messages is displayed again

    is there any hope for my map? (playing the map by dragging it over the ut3.exe works)

    the same error while loading any of my autosaves