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DM-Deck etc portal lag/stutter solution.

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    DM-Deck etc portal lag/stutter solution.

    Greetings all,

    Been running at 5/5 full settings but noticing the serious lag on DM-Deck near the RL portal like many others, oddly enough I did not get it with World Detail at level 4 and a quick comparison of whats different in the .ini set me experimenting.

    From the glorious :

    "At Level 5 on the slider, all effects and maximum detail are used.
    At Level 4 Motion Blur, Quality Bloom, and High Quality Characters are disabled, and Shadow Filtering Quality is lowered."

    Which is correct, however there is another setting that is different between the two and it is in the same section of the .ini

    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config



    This setting is set to 'False' for level 5 but 'True' for level 4 and and it completely cures my lag near the portal as well as adding a solid 7-10 fps while pointing at the exact same spot on either DM-Deck or DM-Sanctuary. Most importantly it feels tangibly smoother most everywhere else though that may be the placebo effect of solving the portal lag issue, at least for me Also could be the 16yr bourbon used while testing...

    So even though I could run very high settings before and play around the lag, now it's essentially gone completely while leaving the rest of the level 5 settings intact. DO NOT change anything in-game graphics wise as this will probably re-set until you re-edit the .ini, but one you have the rest should be able to leave it. Forgot to check that...

    My setup: AMD4800X2 2GB, 8800GTX w 169.09 w v-sync on. WinXP

    1900X1200 5/5 No AA 16xAF and happy to go.

    Cheers all...