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    More of an annoyance...

    Well, im definetly loving the game so far...humbly waiting for patches and updates to cure the problems so many are reporting.

    This is what is happening to me. This occured in the demo, as well as the Retail. I have NOT installed the 1.01 beta patch but will when i get home to see if the problem continues.

    Scenario 1:
    PC has been up for a while, other games have been played (the only one really is an online mmo...come to think of it, i havent tested with another game yet. I will also do that after work). I go to run UT3, and it starts going through the intro videos (intel, nvidia etc.) and right before it gets to the Login screen, the game locks and boots me to desktop (UT3 has encountered an error and needs to shut down [i will get the exact error when i get home, just thought i would get this started at least during my little bit of downtime near the end of my workday]). Happens every single time (with the demo it was the same)

    Scenario 2:
    Fresh restart of pc. Nothing has been run yet. I go to run UT3 and it starts flawlessly. I can game for hours with no problems.

    So basically, everytime i want to play UT3 AFTER playing another 3d game, i have to restart my machine. This seems odd.

    I have put my machine back to stock clocks to see if my OC had anything to do with it. Still happens. Specs are:
    CPU - AMD Opteron 165 Dual Core Current = 1.8Ghz OC = 2.6Ghz
    RAM - 2GB Gskill DDR500 Current = 200mhz (1:1) OC = 260mhz
    Video - ATi X1900XTX Current = 650mhz core \ 775mhz mem OC = n\a
    Mobo - DFI NF4 Ultra-D

    Things i have tried:
    -Video Drivers = up to date
    -Sound Drivers = up to date
    -Windows = up to date
    -DirectX = up to date
    -AMD Dual core optimizer = installed and uninstalled
    -Formatted machine

    So really, this is more of an annoyance because i know what i have to do to play, just dont really know the reason behind it. Just really wondering if anyone has had the same situation happen to them, because all the other "UT3 Crash" threads ive seen are different than mine (besides the crashing part :P )

    Any ideas? Any other information i should post that might help with figuring out my problem?

    Thanks Much.