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Ut3 fails to launch.

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    Ut3 fails to launch.

    Every time i try and start Ut3 it goes to the little Ut3 screen then it just goes off when it should load into the full game.

    Heres the log of the error:

    Critical: appError called:
    Critical: Assertion failed: InitializedMode [File:.\Src\D3D9Device.cpp] [Line: 798]

    Critical: Windows GetLastError: Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed. (299)
    Log: === Critical error: ===
    Assertion failed: InitializedMode [File:.\Src\D3D9Device.cpp] [Line: 798]


    RaiseException() Address = 0x7c812a5b (filename not found)
    CxxThrowException() Address = 0x78158e89 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xb2bec2 (filename not found)
    Address = 0xe8781b4c (filename not found)

    Exit: Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
    Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
    Exit: Executing UWindowsClient::ShutdownAfterError
    Exit: UALAudioDevice::ShutdownAfterError
    Log: Shutting down FaceFX...
    Log: FaceFX shutdown.
    Exit: Exiting.
    Exit: Name subsystem shutting down
    Uninitialized: Log file closed, 11/27/07 22:58:39

    can u post your pc specs, along with what your graphics drivers are


      update your directx runtime

      even tough you already run dx9 or even if you run vista wich i dunno if you do.
      well in any case you will still have to update it as monthly come's new fixes and performance tweaks to dx.
      or just new directx calls

      tell me if it works


        I have:

        Amd athlon 64 3700

        Nvidia geforce 7600gt with latest drivers

        1gb corsair memory

        Ecs KN1 SLI extreme mobo

        Ill try that direct x fix hope it works.


          Nope it doesn't work.

          Anyone else have any ideas?


            try do some mem checks if any errors try raising voltage on ram just a little bit.
            and see if it works ofc dont go to high you could blow up your ram could just be faulty ram tough


              Ive reinstalled my audio drivers, restarted my computer and raised the voltages from 2.71 to 2.75.

              My system seems to be running smoother and Ut3 now works.


              Im off to play now .


                glad it works