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ok im fed up,

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    ok im fed up,

    I dont know what is going on... but my fps is unplayable. i have a good system which meets the requirements for ut3 and yet my fps is always low 30s

    heres my spec

    pentium 4 560 3.6Ghz HT
    1gig Dual channel 667 ram
    Radeon X1650 256mb PCI-E

    i cant find anything that fixes this. all my drivers are up to date. CPU affinity is set corectly yet my fps sucks.

    anyone any ideas??

    also i have tweaked the game so DX10 is disabled

    Same here, I have following Specs since some days:

    Intel Core 2 Dou E4300 2.20 Ghz
    2 GB Dual Channel 667 Ram
    ATI Radeon Sapphire X1950 Pro
    Windows XP SP2

    I can play UT3 on medium settings(both settings on 3) with some kind of "reloaders". It allways reloads for a sec every few secs. Generally the FPS is around 40 - 60, but those "reloaders".