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Player artefacts

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    Player artefacts

    Hi Guys, i have the following system:

    Case - Antec P182
    OS - Vista (32 bit)
    CPU - Q6600
    Cooling Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro
    Mainboard - Asus P5N32-E Sli
    GPU - XfX extreme edition 8800GTX
    Physics card - Ageia 128mb phyX
    PSU - Enermax 1000W Galaxy Silent Modular EPS12V PSU
    Soundcard - Xfi extreme
    memory -Corsair 2x2mb XMS2 6400 Xtreme Performance DDR2 Memory
    HDD - 2 x 160gb hard disk (7200rpm)
    Keyboard - Logitech G15
    Mouse - Logitech G5

    UT3 system score = 26.36672461059168

    (sorry for all the colours, i just pasted my sig from a forum)

    Anyway, ive noticed that i have black artefacts on my players skin. When i feign death there are polygonal black shapes fluttering all over the body. Can anybody explain this? or does anybody witness the same problem??

    kind regards


    another forum...

    check this site mate! it seems graphics related

    hope that helps! and i hope they help u as well!