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What happened to the voicecommands

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    What happened to the voicecommands

    in several forums I asked what happened to the improved voicecommand-system in UT3 but I got no answer so far.

    Now I'm trying to get the answer in the official forum.

    A short introduction what I'm talkin about:

    "AI & Voice

    UT3 will bring major advances in the artificial intelligence that controls UT bots, as well as the way in which players communicate with them. UT3 players will be able to give bots specific orders using their own voices. Whereas in UT or UT2004 you'd use the voice menu to tell your bots to "attack", you can now give orders like "there's a sniper on the tower, go get him". Bots will also respond to particular questions. For example, if you asked "is there anyone in the cave?", they might reply "no, the cave is clear".

    Ok, I tried this or similar commands in several maps but it didn't work.

    Now, what happened to that???

    (sorry for my bad english; it's not my first language^^)