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    bug detected

    I found out about this bug and its serious concequences for capture the flag games is this would ocure.

    Basicly if 2 flag carriers touch eachother and one dies the other team scores.

    This happend in the campaign mode, 2 bots where carrying the flags and ended up running into one another. I shot the enemy bot with my shockrifle and it died and dropped the flag, the other bot picked it up and it resulted in our team scoring, but the flags wern't even close to the bases, we hadn't even made it to the half the way point.

    I think this occured because the flag carrier picked up the flag (maybe before it even hit the ground) causing the flag to be reset to our base.
    But during the split second the flag that our teams bot was carrying came in contact with the recovered flag making the game think it was actually brough back to our base.

    This actually made our team win the match

    I'll post this here, since I'm not sure where to post it otherwise.