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ATI X1400 "Snow" & ati3duag.dll Issues

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    Thanks Ultron.

    Some one else mentioned omega drivers to me once before. At that time I did not want to mess with my drivers with a third party modified driver but I am the point now where I am so ****** off with the stupid fog problem that I am going to try it anyway.

    Hopefully this will work.

    I will let everyone know how it goes.


      I will also call Dell now as I am having the same problem. Additionally, I tried the latest Omega drivers despite the fact that they have that frightening message, but it gave me a BSOD so I uninstalled the Omega drivers and reverted to Dell's ATI drivers with the snow wall.


        Dell called me today on my cell at work.

        The guy asked me about how the video card was not performing correctly and I explained that on new gaming software I was getting this snowy effect. He said "I know our tech went to the ATI site and downloaded the new drivers from there so they should have worked."

        I had to explain that Dell had not released updated drivers in over a year and ATI has had several updates. I also said that I called ATI and they told me the drivers on the site were mainly for desktops and not laptops. If the laptop is made by a big company like Dell or HP, they do no support for them at all and it is up to Dell to do it.

        So basically I got the eun around. The Dell guy then said he would make a note requesting that some one look into this video card driver and maybe a new driver will be done..... fat chance from the sound of his voice, but anything is possible.

        I am off to try out the omega drivers.


          OK, I just spent the last 2 hours talking to Dell. It actually sounds very promising. He said yeah, Dell is very likely working on making 7.11 compatible, but in case they weren't he sent an email to the driver team at Dell to make sure they do. He said, make sure to keep an eye on for updates in the next 1-2 weeks. He seemed convinced that it would probably arrive within this time. So the moral is, check daily until the Dell driver arrives.


            Excellent. Good to hear. Maybe the heavens will open and the godly entity known as Dell will prvide support to products the sell past 1 year.

            Meanwhile I guess I will have to shoot everywhere in the fog until the driver updates come out.


              Ok, I tried to use the omega drivers, did not work.

              Then I went and tried to go back to the ATI drivers and thats when trouble hit. I got the drivers back and re-installed the catalyst control center, but the option to choose the CCC from the context menu (right click on desktop) dissappered.

              I called Dell and three hours later and 8 reboots they had no idea how to fix it.

              Looks like I can't play the game on most maps till Dell gets that update done and I have a second problem now.


                Well I have not seen anything from Dell yet..... still thinking they won't provide much help, short of me getting a new pc.

                Anyone else have much help?


                  THE SNOW IS GONE!!

                  I have had a complete success. On my Dell e1705 with an ATI x1400 graphics card I was able to install the ATI 7.11 drivers.

                  Here's how:
                  Go here and simply follow their instructions.

                  It worked like a charm. All snow is gone and the game runs much faster. Even the snow on the character customization page is gone. THANK GOD!


                    I was also having this same issue and tried drivers from:
                    So far so good. You end up removing the factory drivers and the Catalyst Control center, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.

                    Good Luck.