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ATI X1400 "Snow" & ati3duag.dll Issues

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    ATI X1400 "Snow" & ati3duag.dll Issues

    Running a Dell Inspiron with an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400. FYI: Dell, I gather, manages our graphics card driver updates, alas.

    Apparently a somewhat common problem: Fog/sand in both demo and full versions of UT3 render as a nearly impenetrable pixely/staticky/snowy wall, which, like a rainbow, moves further away the closer one gets, and, unlike a rainbow looks like scrambled white poop that makes shooting anything behind it almost impossible. For my part, I am still pursuing that pot o' gold, though I think I'll get a pair of collector's edition UT3 coasters first, for that blind chase doesn't make a game of lasting replay value.

    For those who find this topic particularly compelling, I'll add that on Sandstorm, I am teased by occasional bursts of the titular sandstorm actually working. O! what joy it is to see that infernal wall flash into the atmospheric grit as the artist and God intended it! But, cruel fate!, eventually, seemingly as the effect becomes lighter, it flashes back to the diabolic rainbowic poo wall.

    And, when loading Necropolis (in the sweet sweet Vehicle CTF mode, at least), the screen goes all pretty blue, informing me of the conflicted nature of my ati3duag.dll file, and the steps I should take if restarting the computer should return me to the same screen. It doesn't. Yet. But no ctrl-alt-del-ing the way out of that sucker. It *seems* as though I get the blue screen nigh every time I join a Vehicle CTF room, but I think that may be only because Necropolis is so popular. Yet how much more am I unfortunate for being unable to appreciate it.

    I posted a thread about this very problem yesterday.

    I have a Dell Inspiron 6400, dual core 1.83 Ghz, 2 Gig RAM and ATI x1400 256 MB.

    The demo ran perfect and several map in the full version work perfect but as you said, some maps are all snowy, and even the character customization screen too.

    The only response I got was asking if I have the latest Catalyst control center 7.11.

    I went to the ATI site and found that 7.11 is not compatible with the pc since Dell is responsible for those updates. The Dell site has nothing new since mid 2006.

    I got the BSOD (blue screen of death) yesterday on a map online, but I can't remember which one, but it did deal with an ATI dll.

    Anyone else get this problem or have a work around?

    My original post is:


      Have you tried the tweaks in my thread listed in my sig? If anything it might bring it stable, then you can troubleshoot your way up to decent visuals.


        Thanks Ultron.

        I did see your thread on tweaks the other day and have already used it to smooth out some other stuff. It was very helpful.

        The other thread/post has more replies in it with other people with this same issue. One person got it fixed by contacting his pc manufacturer. I was going to call Dell today and see if they can release an updated driver.

        Check the other thread for more updates.


          Ultron--I have tried to tweak it as well, but, sadly, the "snow" and blue screen problems are persistent.

          Chaotic Cannon--Dell tells me that my support warranty has expired, but I can call a number for fee-based service? Sounds bogus. I'll post to and check your thread in the future, and I'll let you know if we get anything here.


            Ah great job, Chaotic!

            feeloo I am sorry to hear that Dell provides a one year warranty and you should be able to input your serial number in their website to get the latest drivers, even if they do not help you for free.


              ****. I'm on a similar dell system using the same graphics card. Even though we can't get the latest Catalyst driver isn't there some sort of program that allows you to download catalyst and run it on ur vid card even if it's for a laptop? I know there is a program like that for NVIDIA graphic cards I read about in the forum awhile ago, any1 know if it's possibel for ATI cards and if the latest catalyst would solve the issue?


                Maybe try the Integrated/Motherboard solution here.


                Or Mobility Radeon.

                You might also do a search for "IGP" on the ATI website and see if you can find those for your video chipset on your notebook. Though I'm a bit skeptical they made IGP drivers for any of the X-series family, outside of the X1250.


                  Originally posted by Ultron View Post
                  feeloo I am sorry to hear that Dell provides a one year warranty and you should be able to input your serial number in their website to get the latest drivers, even if they do not help you for free.
                  Yes, that was the first thing I checked. I've had the "latest" drivers for probably the last year and a half they've been out.


                    My warrenty ran out over a year ago on my laptop but they still help if you call there support phone number.

                    Check my other thread.........

                    I have added new screen shots. During on online map I got the "snow", then it went away for no apparent reason, then came back.....

                    I spent over an hour on the phone with them. Dell said I had the latest driver but then I told them ATI released several updates since the last Dell looked into. Then the support rep went to the ATI site and took control of my laptop and downloaded the catalyst 7.11 and tried to install it 4 times (trying combinations of updating the BIOS and removing the old drivers and such).

                    Alas the catalyst control center 7.11 wont even install. An error comes up stating the driver can not find compatible hardware. Had to go back to the stock Dell driver.

                    The tech said the driver can not work as it is not campatible with ALL the hardware on the lpatop, not just the video card. Also they said that they would put a note in the service file that I had these issues and the manager will read it and decide if to proceed with looking into it. They said they would contact me if anything was updated.

                    I suggest other people call Dell support and put up with the 15 min to 1 hour phone call to work with your system. Best case it works for you, worst case they see that others need this update.

                    Please state that OTHERS are having the same problem, that way they get the hint it is not just one person getting this problem. Strength in numbers. Tell them that another call was placed at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST on Nov 26th by some one else about this same problem.


                      Very good Chaotic. Will do.

                      That should explain more fully why we can't just go to ATI's site and download the latest Catalyst stuff. I was just gonna post this picture, replete with modern Thinker in front of his POS laptop, of what happens when I try to update my drivers via the ATI site,

                      but I suppose now I don't have to.

                      Ah well.


                        i read somewhere on the forum about omega drivers, or something to that effect. I googled it, downloaded it and installed it. The crappy redering of fog/snow w/e is fixed so that worked, but i guess the issue about whether the 3rd party drivers are safe is somethign to take into consideration.


                          Feeloo, nice picture.......that is too true. lol.

                          as for the omega drivers, I am not the type of person to try the third party drivers. If it works, then great but if it does not then I risk messing up the "whole laptop" according to Dell since the driver affect ALL the hardware like RAM, CPU, blah blah....

                          I saw a link to Omega drivers on the ATI site too, right next to a big disclaimer saying that they won't help if you mess it up!

                          Like I said, the snow comes and goes, so there is a setting of some sort that can be changed to fix it, just need to narrow it down.

                          Hopefully if just a few people call Dell and state the same problem and tell them others have it too they might get off their butts......

                          Lets all do our part and make that call.... lol


                            --- bump----

                            Has anyone had with the ATI X1400 card had a chance to call Dell and request the updated drivers? The more people that call, the better our chance to get the game running as best we can


                              Go to and see if the latest drivers help.