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"Snow" on some screens and maps

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    I used the Catalyst Control Center and driver file. It worked on my machine, but I've yet to play for more than forty minutes or so without a crash. At this point, I'm about ready to give up on UT3 until it's patched decently.


      I'm having the same problem with a Dell XPS2010 Duel Core 2.0 GHZ, 2GB Ram, ATI X1800 256MB - Ive update to lastest verions of video Drivers, system BIOS etc etc and still all this snow - The difference I'm having is that the snow is only on object some 50 feet away, things close up look great - But it makes it for tough game play when you can't see who is shooting you because away object are whited out the black dithers of digital tiling in it - Need help


        That's laptops for you, outdated video drivers


          Hey, i have the same snow problem as you guys, i have an asus laptop running with a radeon X1450. Drivers seemed old so tried omega ones but that didnt change much!
          I managed to get rid of the snow in the menu by fiddling with settings in the ini files, but in game most maps give me the snow effect. Deck runs fine, no snow atall... i've not had time to test all of them.


            THE SNOW IS GONE!!

            I have had a complete success. On my Dell e1705 with an ATI x1400 graphics card I was able to install the ATI 7.11 drivers.

            Here's how:
            Go here and simply follow their instructions.

            It worked like a charm. All snow is gone and the game runs much faster. Even the snow on the character customization page is gone. THANK GOD!


              Going to add this to my thread. Great find!