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Sound gets muted on restart

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    Sound gets muted on restart

    Simple problem: i can start UT3 and play it like i want to and play as long as i want to. BUT when i need a break, quit the game and restart it somewhen later my sound gets muted on the second i spawn on a map. Problem is, that i cant do anything about it, i can't raise the volume up again. Only thing i hear then are some few clicking noises for example when i want to shoot. But from that point on the sound is gone. completely. it doesnt help when i quit ut3 and it doesnt help if i try to raise the volume in windows. still, when im on teamspeak my friends can hear me talk but since my sound is gone i cant hear them. Only solution for me is the reboot, but imo thats not really an option.

    my system:
    Intel C2D E6850
    2GB Kingston HyperX DDR2-800
    ASUS P5K
    Creative Audigy Xtreme Audio
    GeForce 8600 GTS 512MB

    Hardware AL should be turned on, and i want to play with it. i bought a soundcard that i dont have to play with crappy onboard sound.

    thx for the help

    ah lol me n00b.. "Audigy Xtreme Audio" :X i meant X-Fi Xtreme Audio obviously xD

    thing is that i now tried updating my drivers to the x-fi beta drivers from creative which should improve performance for UE3 games. opened the game, played 10 secs, closed it. opened it again, loaded a map, and sound was gone again.

    i also recognized that my framerate (which usually is at maximum) drops down to ~30 fps.

    can finally someone help?