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major resolution issues, plz help

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    major resolution issues, plz help

    my computer- vista - intel core2 duo cpu - 2gigs of memory - geforce 8600m GT

    my problem - i can start the game just fine, and i can also actually play the game and thats good.
    But the bad part is i cant change the resolution... Its at 640 x 480 and when i try and change it and click apply, the screen will go black for literally around 2 mins. then the settings screen will come back up but it didnt actually change anything, and when i go back, the resolution always says 640x480. I know my monitor can handle a higher res, i normally run at 1440x900.

    Just for the record i have read through other threads with a few people that had this problem or a similar one, and most solutions involved editing a readonly file, i actually looked in all the folders and couldnt find this UTengine file, but i did find one similar in the "engines" folder, but i cant seem to change it, being read only and all.

    anyways, can anyone help me? i paid $50 for this game and i cant return it, and i want it to work :P i would prefer a solution that didnt involve changing text in the files, but anything that would work will be helpful. i dont want the graphics to look like a N64 game heh, plz help!

    By default, your UTEngine.ini should be here:

    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\

    First check if you have this folder and check if the ini files are there.

    Then open that file with Notepad and look for


    and change it to your desired resolution


      tyVm. it turns out i was looking at the wrong file hehe, the one u said wasnt read only and it fixed the problem, i can enjoy the game now thx!