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Why UT3 requires no cd for editor and...

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    Why UT3 requires no cd for editor and...

    ......gears of war editor does?

    Another newbish question was - the editor you receive from THe UT3 game and the editor received from Gears of war game -they are the same right?

    Please excuse my question if it annoys you that i am that much of a newbie

    PLease can someone answer those two questions...thank you

    Thats because they are real friendly! Or because the disc will brake if you use it to much, at least thats what happend to my copy of UT2004 ( And im not the only one ), Thats why I bought two new copy's of it.

    Both editors are the same i think, not sure though.


      I`m guessing both ed are the same with a few minor tweaks to ut3 one.

      It`s great that the odd company dont force us to keep putting in the cd/dvd,as that makes ut just load up and play,without having to mess around putting the cd/dvd in.

      Also the cd-key is more than enough to make sure you have an orig,as these type of games only shine in playing online and you need a valid key for that.

      oh btw playing on cracked servers will only rune your experince in the end.


        Yeah, noticed that to run UT3 you do not need the DVD, but with Gears of War for the PC you do (its not just the editor).

        My best guess is that Peaple Can Fly put out Gears of War (for Microsoft), and Midway put out UT3 (or something like that).

        Epic may have made the two games, but it was released by two different distributors.

        Just a guess though.


          i was thinking actually that the UT3 editor may require no disk because of the bonus content that Le:UT3 bonus dvds for how to create a map etc. The ability to be able to use the dvds WHILST using the editor is an obvious reason