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Cannot play Campaign Mode

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    Cannot play Campaign Mode

    Hi all. After looking through some of the issues I've seen others post I can say that a lot are similar but not the same. Some people have hitches/freezes after 5-30 minutes of playtime regardless of mode. I have a very specific problem.

    When I start a new campaign and the cutscene starts, it will inevitably freeze. When it freezes is random but what is consistent is that the cutscene will never finish before the game freezes completely and utterly. However, when I play instant action I have NO problems whatsoever. I'd like to play the single player campaign though, so this is a huge problem for me.

    Are there any fixes for this? Anyone else having this problem? Can I skip it and just youtube the ********* cutscene so I can see it?

    Seriously, wtf?

    Same here, haven't gotten past the boy picking up the medallion.
    edt: I see this has a thread already.

    Originally posted by Gorge View Post
    This should fix it.

    Open the UTEngine.ini (My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config) and change PumpWindowMessagesWhenRenderThreadStalled=False to PumpWindowMessagesWhenRenderThreadStalled=True


      I have exactly the same problem only it's always about 5 seconds into the cinematic. With quick reactions you can hit escape and bypass it to the first level but upon completion of that the problems arises again in the second cinematic once again 5 seconds in.

      Everything else runs fine - what's going wrong?

      EDIT: Tried the fix Carravagio suggested and it works perfecty - nice one C. Many thanks!