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cant get game to run or install

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    yeah, your not the only one bub, having the same issue here. no one seems to have an answer except all the usual **** answer of drivers or installers, please. save us some time and give us a real answer

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    cant get game to run or install

    alright i have given up on this game, i was really excited and now im fustrated and angry. i have looked on the forums and have tried everything. i have both vista and xp (both 32), and the game wont install or run on either of them. On the xp, i tried installing the game and got the error, so i read on forums about installer thing (which is the biggest bunch of bs btw) so i installed that, and got the game to install, and then the game crashes when i load into game, its a C++ error, really? really? no other game including crysis has these problems for me, and before u ask open al was off. then in vista the thing wont install again, and the installer thing wont even open. im at the end of my patience with this piece of software, anyone plz give me some suggestions or help, thanks. specs below

    intel quad core @3.15
    4 gigs corsair ram
    2 8800 gts 640 in sli
    no sound card
    2 150 gig raptors (one for each OS)
    all drivers and windows updates are installed
    both drives were defragmented yesterday