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Co-op LAN lag/packet drops?

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    Co-op LAN lag/packet drops?

    Hey guys, got problem with the co-op. Me and my flatmate both got identical rigs:
    AMD 6000+
    4GB RAM
    ATI 2900 pro
    64bit Vista (I have home premium he has buisness)
    he also has a wireless card (i don't have the exact card here, i'll check when i get home)
    We have a dlink 614+ router as well.

    We are both running it at the default settings.

    We both got the game yesterday and started playing co-op but we've been having some problems. I was the host and it was running perfectly for me. He was connecting over the wireless and seamed to be getting packet loss. From my perspective he was stuttering as he was running.
    From his perspective, a couple of times it wont let him do anything/really long delays like not being able to get off the hoverboard and teleporting him into a wall... just because? He sometimes sees everyone running in a straight line into walls and he can't fire, then he clips back to where he should be, sometimes it switches him to 3rd person and can control his char for a while then he dies.

    Seams really wierd for a LAN. We tried disabling the dynamic netspeed, setting the connection from cable to lan, set custom chars off etc, nothing doing help! lol


    I am getting this kind of thing too...jumpy movements. I think it happens in single player as well.

    This is more than just bad framerates...

    Dropping the graphics detail seems to work.


      You'd be suprised how bad wireless is sometimes.

      If it's JUST ut3 (as in no other games are exhibiting this in LAN) then I would suspect the wireless.

      Note though that LAN games are inherently different than Internet games. LAN netcode >might< rely on a decent stream of unbroken packets which is normally not the case in wireless. Just an assumption though.

      Also, it might be the case that when you select LAN game it assume's LAN speeds. In this case try manually turning down your netspeed in the console once the game starts. I believe the console command was something like 'netspeed xxxx' where xxx is your 'speed'. start with 20000 and work down to 5000 on both client and server.

      It's not the framerate issue. I had the framerate issue. It's not that.